Smog Check Stations in Los Angeles, CA

February 25, at September 1, at 6: Quicker and cheaper smog checks are being considered under a proposal unveiled earlier this week by state regulators. Hoping to take advantage of newer technology and to correct shortcomings — even fraud — that are letting a significant number of polluting cars remain on the street, the California Air Resources Board and the state Bureau of Automotive Repair want to make the most far-reaching changes to the smog check program in at least a decade. Under the measure, any California motorist with a or newer vehicle would no longer be required to pass a tailpipe emissions test or a treadmill test. Such computerized systems have been required by the federal government for all new cars since ; they use dashboard lights to alert drivers to a wide range of problems. For it to become law, it must be approved by the Legislature. About three-quarters of the passenger vehicles in California are or newer, and they account for only one-quarter of the pollution from vehicles, according to air board statistics. Under the proposed new rules, it should take half as long and cost half as much for motorists with and newer vehicles, said Dennis DeCota, executive director of the California Service Station and Automotive Repair Association, in Santa Rosa. The consumer already has paid for the technology when they bought the car.

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Los Angeles Air Pollution

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This segment was defined in (Chap. ). As of July 1, , part (1) was planned as freeway for the entire route (i.e., through Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties).

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SmogTech Institute

Report this Post I just moved from the East Coast, and in order to register my car, I need to have squeaky-clean emissions. So far I’ve had two smog tests, and I’ve failed both of them. Here are the results for the first test: Also failed per leak in fuel evap system. I did the flush by pouring water into the system, running the engine, and draining it a few times over.

Apr 25,  · Yelp Los Angeles. New York. San Jose. Los Angeles. Chicago. Palo Alto. Oakland. More Cities Search Talk. New Conversation. Talk All Conversations I can get you the hook up. You know I cheated my smog check recently. Report as inappropriate. 4/12/ Tony C. Hacienda Heights, CA; 71 friends 84 reviews.

I found you through the AAA website and it was so refreshing finding a family auto shop that really understands that I dont know anything about a car. Bruce you are the best, thank you for taking the time to explain the repairs that were needed to make my car run better and STOP I would suggest this place to any student or inexperienced person that really needs to feel comfortable about spending their money Within the first five minutes one of the mechanics came to me and said, “Your car has been customized!

I guess this was code for “Do you still want us to smog check it? Even though the car passed the emissions test, three or four of the mechanics spent 45 minutes standing and staring under the hood, conferring. I kept asking what was the problem. After putting me off several times, the “spokesman” of the group finally told me that I had after-market parts on the car – intake manifold, cylinder head and air filter – and that it did not pass the “visual” inspection.

Yes, thats what customized means. Therefore I would have to take it to a BAR referree. They could have given me the option to not hook it up knowing it would not pass their visual inspection, but no. Now I have to make an appointment with a Bureau of Automotive Repair referree. Their customer service skills are excellent and very professional.

Stuck In California’s Smog Check Hell

The shops had their smog check licenses temporarily revoked, and in some cases, they are still open because the owners didn’t know what disgo 15 year old dating rules were doing, according to Russ Heimerich, a state consumer affairs spokesman. I was wondering if someone knows someone in San Diego. If you were in So Cal, i could make this happen But shops do not need to be STAR certified to still offer checks for the newer vehicles that do not require the complex tailpipe emission tests.

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Fewer people are breathing smoggy air, thanks to clean air laws. But smog, or ground-level ozone, still poses a health threat. About one-third of Americans live in areas with unhealthy air.

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Los Angeles, CA Well, this is a new law that went in to affect in massachusetts 2 months ago. They do not do the smog test in the exhaust. All they do now is just hook up your car to the computer and check to see if there are any errors. Basically you are screwed or just rejected for having your check engine light on. I have P error which is turning on the check engine light and i have officially failed for it.

Now my initial thoughts were, OK i will just go to autozone and have them clear the code, then head back to the place and pass the emission since my check engine light comes on after about 30 min of driving. Well, that didn’t work because the computer basically shows that “the computer of the car has not done enough cycles” so i got rejected again and have been asked to go to the registry of motor vehicles after i fix this problem.

I’ve read about what might be wrong with the car or whats producing this problem, but i still haven’t found it yet. My first attemp will be to hopefully fix this problem, but my question is out of curiosity is there a way, that we can have our computers so that instead of givin ANY check engine light, or giving “Not enough cycles completed for ready state”, it will just produce an “Everything peachy” signal to the computer thats its being pluged in to have the emissions test.

Basically what i mean is that, is there a way to cheat the system.

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This California State Agency regulates automotive repair facilities, and licenses lamp and brake inspection stations. Also implements California’s Smog Check program. You get toll-free customer service 24 hours a day, every day. Get money in your hand, today, the easy way, with cash for cars.

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Come up with effective mass transit. Getting a car off the road is the more effective solution. As I think the most effective solution is the solution that reduces smog but will be embraced by the largest number of people. Since I think people like personal transportation more than they like using mass transit, the most effective way at this point to reduce smog is IMO to produce more personal transportation options that produce less smog.

Such as Electrics and Hybrids. I live in a city, that boasts of having You can have incredibly effective mass transit systems and options, but unless you can change the reality that people like the freedom and ability to personally drive themselves? Then there is a limit to how effective mass transit can become. Reducing smog, is really about offering good utilizeable mass transit options, AND IMO increasing personal transportation options with better smog and emissions standards.

And at this point I think improving the latter would be more effective in creating change than improving the former.


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Not all vehicles must get a smog check. Additionally, some vehicles only need a passing smog check when they are being sold or being registered in California after previously being registered in another state. Whether or not a vehicle needs a smog check depends on the type of vehicle, the model-year, and the area in which the vehicle is registered.

Under California vehicle emissions control laws and regulations, you must get a smog check for your car in the following cases: I am selling my car. I am bringing a car into California to be registered. When you sell a vehicle in California, the seller is responsible for getting a smog certificate prior to completing the sale. When you bring a vehicle into California to be registered, you are required to get a smog certificate prior to registration. Some vehicles are not required to obtain a smog check inspection for registration purposes.

Vehicles that are six or less model-years old are abated from the biennial smog check inspection requirement. For vehicles with registration renewals due in the calendar year, the abated years include through Vehicles that are four or less model-years old are abated from the smog check inspection requirement upon change of ownership and transfer of title transactions with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In , the abated years are through As of April 1, , the 30 year rolling exemption was repealed.

California Catalytic Converter (Cat)Secrets to Passing & Reasons for Smog Test Failure

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